11 Barefoot winter shoes for children

By Floor Tuinstra

11 Barefoot winter shoes for children

There are more and more barefoot children's shoes for the winter, but which brands are there?

Because I was looking for barefoot winter shoes for my son, I immediately made an overview.

Time for a list

Below is a list of 11 different brands of barefoot shoes for children for the winter.
If anything is missing, please email them to me and I will add them.
For convenience, I have included the links to the websites (these are not affiliate links).

Important tips

  • If you have found a shoe that you know fits well around the ankle, you can easily buy 2 sizes larger. I also do this for my son, for every pair I buy for him. This way the shoes last longer.
  • Before you buy barefoot children's shoes for winter online, only use the centimeters of the feet. The sizing of (barefoot) shoes varies widely.
  • If you are not sure whether you are buying the right size for your child, it is best to try on winter shoes for children in the store. Barefoot children's shoes, even those from Vivo, can be very stiff in terms of flexibility of the sole. You can't see or feel that from the site.

11 barefoot winter shoes for children

  1. Wildling Wildings are very minimalist and maintain a flexible sole. They are one of the most expensive brands on the market for barefoot children's shoes.
  2. Vivo Someone on Facebook wrote about the Primus Bootie Kids: “I now have these for my son size 33. He really loves them! Is so happy with it. With previous shoes he always had blisters when breaking in…. We always bought good shoes, carefully looked at and advised, but always the same. They are quite wide, which is nice for him. And above all, very smooth”
  3. Plae “My daughter has plae kaiden. We like them very much. So far no cold feet and they are waterproof. I did order wool soles from somewhere else, just to be sure. They can still go in if it gets too cold.”
  4. Papoutsi, this brand has barefoot shoes made of leather and a sheepskin in them for the winter. They are not waterproof, they are more like indoor shoes and if it is not raining you can use them outside. But if you choose to do this, there are also playshoes that use. This is a kind of sock that you can put around the shoe.
  5. Feelmax
  6. MyMayu
  7. Softstar Shoes
  8. Freet
  9. Kiuu (from Zaqq)
  10. Tikki
  11. Shooshoos

Other (barefoot) shoes for children that you could possibly wear during the winter

  1. Leguanitos My son now has iguanitos, they fit like a glove, but when it snows and more rain falls, they will be a bit on the thin side and leak easily. You could also use playshoes for this.
  2. Robeez has shoes for children up to 6 years old, all with a soft sole. So they are not really suitable for outdoor use in winter. Here too, you could put playshoes over it.
  3. Happy Little Soles is not a barefoot brand, but it does have a number of suitable models for children
  4. Bobux These are not official barefoot shoes, but there are a few that are great for children.

This Facebook page has a group where many second-hand barefoot shoes are offered and all kinds of questions are asked.

Furthermore, there are currently 3 stores in the Netherlands where you can try on and buy barefoot children's shoes:

  1. Amsterdam ( De Trek Barefoot ), Rob Salomonson is here in the store, a driven, sympathetic and sincere man (over 70), he doesn't try to sell you anything and gives well-founded advice, that was our experience. It is a small store, so if you have a particular brand in mind, it is best to contact them in advance to see if they have your shoes in the store and also your desired size.
  2. Arnhem ( Barefoot & More ), this store is a bit larger and therefore has more choice
  3. Tilburg ( Anyones Barefoot Shop ), I haven't been here yet

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