Footreflex Plus™  is a combination of Chinese and Western massage techniques on the feet and lower legs. Assuming that the human body is reflected in the feet, a foot massage reduces stress and relieves complaints. Think of problems with bowel movement and insomnia for example.

Footreflexology Advantages

By massaging reflex zones on the lower legs and feet, the blood flow, energy flow and self-healing capacity of your body are stimulated. This leads to better health, vitality and relaxation of body and mind. Foot reflexology has proven its effectiveness for centuries.

Footreflex Plus™ is a combination of Chinese & Western techniques

In the Western techniques, the feet are massaged with a special thumb technique, so it can accurately handle zones. In Chinese techniques one uses its own body movement to get pressure. In doing so it not only works on the reflex zones but also on the meridian and acupuncture points of the feet, lower legs and knees. Both techniques are applied during the massage.