Beginning with the assumption that the human body is reflected in the feet, my foot reflex massage uses a combination of Western and Chinese massage techniques on the feet and lower legs of babies that aids in their bowel movement. It can also help them relax.
Their bodies being more sensitive, babies and young children benefit more than adults from a foot reflex massage, making even the softest of touches very efficient within minutes. In my experience I have noticed a direct and positive reaction to my techniques from babies who have been suffering from constipation.

Mommy and Baby reflexology

Ever thought of a foot massage for you and your baby? Floor’s foot reflexology massage allows you to experience the benefits of this therapy at times and places that suit you. It is both relaxing and therapeutic. For babies it is a non-invasive massage, which can relieve symptoms such as constipation, tension and insomnia. In most cases babies are very sensitive to their surrounding environment. For example parents suffering from fatigue, stress or uncommon emotional states. Therefore it is advisable to also treat the parents.

When is your baby constipated?

Constipation is when your baby hasn’t had one bowel movement for three or more days and the quality of the stools are hard, dry, and difficult to pass – no matter how frequently the baby evacuates. Constipation can be caused by formula, the introduction of solids, dehydration, a medical condition, a trauma or an illness. In most such cases, foot reflexology provides a natural, gentle and non invasive form to help aid the digestion (whilst including many other benefits as well).

Experiences of clients with baby reflexology

Below you will find a number of experiences that clients of mine wanted to share. Out of respect for their privacy their surnames have been omitted.

Maarten* & Anne, parents of Sterre – 3 months

Sterre had been constipated for 5 days when she received a massage on only one of her feet. Within 5 minutes her diaper was full. 45 minutes later she pooped again and three hours later again. She only needed one massage and after that she never had problems with constipation again. It’s great to know no laxatives or pills were necessary.
[* Maarten is the owner of two pharmacies.]

Lotte & Bruno, parents of Luna – 1,5 month

Luna is 1.5 months. She slept restless and suffered from colic/cramps. After a baby reflex massage she became much calmer and slept well. The same evening/night I myself had 8 hours of sleep! I have never slept so much since giving birth! I really needed it. The next day I felt much better, thanks to the energetic massage! It really works!

Zico & Janice, parents of Sofie – 2 months

Within a couple of minutes after the massage it came loose with my daughter. It works like magic!!

Marjorie & Stefan, parents of Toby – 7 months

Toby had been very uncomfortable for a few days but within 30 minutes of Floor’s foot massage he had filled his nappy and was a happier boy!

Simone & Jeroen, parents of Tim – 6 months

Hoi Floor, here is an update on Tim. Tim is now pooing twice a day (still). We don’t have any problems with that anymore. Thank you.
(Tim received a massage twice)

Lena & Victor, parents of Sofia – 1 year

Hi Floor, hope you’re doing fine! I had some really busy days, but the energy massage worked miracles!! Got things done that were there waiting ever since we moved. Sofia though went back to waking at midnight’s, but having the extra energy I finally got to cut the night feedings.. So now we go through almost half of the night! Since the massage she seems to settle much quicker for her sleep (even during the night wakes and day naps too). And this made it possible for me to cut the night feedings, otherwise she would cry for hours and nothing would sooth her. Thanks! Lena

Laura & Alfonso, parents of Emanuele & Gabriel – 14 months

Floor, I think you are great, really! Wish you lived in Leiden so I could call you!
You gave a foot massage to Emanuele that day, and he pooped (even though he had already done his bit in the morning). The massage must have relaxed him as well, because he slept really well that night. His twin brother was not so lucky: he missed out on a great treatment and we ALL paid the consequences :)
I would actually like to see if your techniques can help them relax a bit: we have difficulties keeping them asleep at night, and this is really causing lots of problems to the whole family. Do you think there is anything we can try?