Reflexology during your pregnancy

A very popular way to naturally induce labour

A foot reflexology treatment when you are pregnant can offer a moment of peace and relaxation.
It is a natural, non-invasive healing art which can relieve many pregnancy ailments such as heartburn, insomnia, constipation, cramping, morning sickness, swelling in your legs (if not due to preeclampsia), high blood pressure (again, as long as it appears without the other symptoms of preeclampsia), bladder problems, mood swings, starting pregnancy diabetes, pain in your pelvis. Reflexology to induce labour is also possible. All ailments and problems in which reflexology can safely help during pregnancy. Reflexology may even be helpful after you give birth — some studies show it stimulates milk production.

Experiences with reflexology in pregnancy

For everyone who is heavily pregnant a reflexology massage is highly recommended! Very relaxing, restful and pain relieving! I had never been to a reflexology treatment before so I went there with a blank slate. The days after the massage I experienced much more rest, I was able to sleep a lot better, I had less difficulties with bowel movements and I had more energy!
Floor really took the time for me, she was sincerely interested in me and I felt very comfortable with her! Very professional. With 39 weeks I will go again for sure!

Foot reflexology during pregnancy what to expect?

The reflexology treatment takes place on a massage table. In most cases you lie flat on the table in the early stages of pregnancy, and I have pillows to support your head, and knees. But I also have a back support which is very comfortable, especially when you are heavily pregnant its nice to be able to sit up straight. The reflexology I apply takes place form the knee to the bottom of the foot.