Solve baby constipation naturally in 1 minute

By Floor Tuinstra

Solve baby constipation naturally in 1 minute

Solve baby constipation naturally in 1 minute

So far in the 2 years since my son was born he has not had a bowel movement a total of 3 times in a day. 3 days without poop, that's it. For a baby and toddler, this is very little in a positive sense.

If I notice that he is having trouble filling his diaper, all I have to do is give him a short massage. This massage is based on a very old Chinese Tuina technique for babies and children.

Before I know it, I end up with 4 poopy diapers in one day, for 3 weeks.

At least in the first year when he was a baby. Now that he is a toddler it amounts to 2 or 3 poopy diapers after such a massage.

He usually fills his diaper in the morning but today nothing had happened before 10:30.

I wanted to go outside to take him to the playground and didn't really feel like changing his diaper outside. So I thought, if I give him a little push, maybe he'll poop before we leave the house and I won't have to change him for a while.

That's exactly how it happened, within 2 minutes of me massaging him with just one technique, he had pooped and we were able to go outside with a fresh diaper.

A technique for regular bowel movements in 1 minute

The good news is that it is a technique that you only have to do for 1 minute and then you are done.

If your child likes it and enjoys it, you can do it for 2 minutes and then stop.

While my son was playing with his Lego blocks, I gently placed him on the floor.

We have a rug on our floor. If you do not have a clean rug on your floor, I recommend that you place a blanket or thick towel on the floor.

Then I massaged him for 1 minute.

He found it fun and enjoyable, as you can see in the video. Most babies like it. But your child may become restless or start to cry. In that case, build up the time gradually and stop as soon as your child no longer enjoys it.

Practical tips

With a toddler it is nice to have a toy with them so that they have some distraction if necessary.

You can also sing a song or put on Miss Roos .

You may have to wait a little longer for results than I did; my son is used to regular bowel movements due to my massages and warm food.

My experience tells me that most babies defecate within half an hour and some within an hour.

You can use this technique until approximately the age of 7.

Solve baby constipation and more digestive problems in children with the roundabout

The roundabout

Place the palm of your hand under your baby's navel. Then rotate clockwise, in circles at a brisk pace.
This kneads the abdomen.


Deep in the belly. Don't stay on the surface too much. You can go a little deeper with this grip, children of all ages can find this a pleasant grip.

When should you not use the roundabout?

If your baby starts to cry, stop massaging. If your baby whines a little, you could see if you can gently increase the duration, but continue to watch and listen carefully to your baby.
Do not apply the roundabout within half an hour after eating. Then you have a good chance that the food will come back out. It is best to use it before a feeding or at least half an hour after a feeding.

What else does the roundabout do besides relieving diarrhea, constipation and reflux

It ensures that the energy in the digestive system is replenished and it regulates the energy in the abdomen where the rotting and ripening of food takes place.
In traditional Chinese medicine: replenishes Earth qi (Spleen qi), regulates the middle warmer and strengthens the Late Heaven.

When can you use the roundabout?

You can use the roundabout daily if necessary. Once a day is sufficient. If your baby has colic, you can use it before feeding and do this 2 to 3 times a day.

In case of stagnant digestion, with symptoms such as:

  • diarrhea
  • reflux
  • colic
  • bloated feeling
  • trapped air
  • abdominal pain that feels better when pressure is applied
  • little appetite
  • constipation
  • disturbed sleep
  • sticky mucus
  • lethargy
  • poor digestion (think reflux and heartburn)
  • in traditional Chinese medicine: inadequate Spleen and Stomach qi

The physical kneading of this technique often creates more space in the abdomen and also allows the stool to move freely, which is why I also use this grip to keep the stool moving. But for the opposite, diarrhea, you can also use this technique because it replenishes the energy in the abdomen.

Watch the video below to see how you can relieve diarrhea, constipation and reflux in your baby in 1 minute

It can look intense, but many babies and children enjoy having their bellies cleared of excess. That's nice and tidy.

Would you like to learn more techniques to relieve your baby but also children from ailments?

You can find more baby reflexology techniques in the book Reflexology for babies, massage away your child's ailments in 1 minute . This contains several foot reflexology techniques that relieve constipation, but also other ailments such as cramps, insomnia and vomiting. The techniques in the book will last a lifetime.

The butterfly kiss is a baby reflexology technique that allows you to build a deeper bond with your child. In addition, it is also a reassuring grip. You can also watch it directly on video .