Induce labor with foot reflexology massage

By Floor Tuinstra

Induce labor with foot reflexology massage

Avoid an introduction to foot reflexology

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Most pregnant mothers who come to my practice have the main goal: to induce labor naturally.

Fortunately, nowadays there are more and more midwives who refer their patients to my practice for foot reflexology massage to stimulate contractions. In addition, many mothers also find their own way to a foot reflexologist.

I was recently allowed to do that with Liesbeth.
Liesbeth will be over 41 weeks pregnant when I speak to her on the phone.

How are you?

I feel good, but the stripping didn't help and they decided to induce me tomorrow morning. I am expected at the hospital at 7:45 in the morning.

Shall I come to you to see if we can induce labor naturally with a foot reflexology treatment?

Yes, if foot reflexology can prevent me from being induced, I would like to try it.

That same evening I gave Liesbeth a one-hour pregnancy reflexology treatment.

The next morning I receive a text with a photo:

I was born this morning at 7:15, half an hour before my mom was to be induced. So I came out of myself earlier. I'm doing great. If all goes well, we can go home this afternoon and have a nice rest.

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Induce your labor with foot reflexology massage?

Marit and Claudette also shared their experience:
Marit 37 weeks pregnant
1st treatment for relaxation
4 days later a message, her waters have broken. Marit receives treatment that same day to give everything an extra boost. A day later the following text message:
Hi Floor, last night, not long after my soup, my contractions started. It quickly became quite intense and I went to the hospital at 11 o'clock. This morning at 11:56 am I gave birth to a son. Thanks again for letting me stop by at the last minute! So it did something!

Claudette exactly 41 weeks pregnant, already stripped twice, the last time was 3 days before the foot reflexology treatment
One hour after treatment:
Hello Floor, thank you for my foot reflexology massage. I already benefit from it... I can walk without pain in my pelvis! (YAY!)
A few days after treatment:
I would like to introduce you to our daughter, Leonore!
In the evening, after our appointment, the contractions started. Our daughter was born in the early morning (01:32!) of January 17.
Everything went very well, incredibly fast, but very good!
Thank you for your treatment, I think it certainly helped. I was finally able to relax my body and connect with Leanore. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Foot reflexology massage when you are pregnant can also help with a number of pregnancy ailments, such as heartburn, poor sleep, back and pelvic floor complaints.
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