Immediate relief from cramps and abdominal pain

By Floor Tuinstra

Immediate relief from cramps and abdominal pain

Every now and then I have children visit who suffer from colic to such an extent that this also occurs during a visit to the practice.

When I want to give them a massage, they often don't like it that much.

There is a technique you can use to provide immediate relief during such a moment.

This is a baby reflexology technique called rocking.

Immediate relief from cramps and abdominal pain with the rocking technique

You can immediately put your baby at ease by using the rocking technique.

Rocking the feet relaxes your baby.

Of course, this will not immediately help every baby. Some people have such a severe attack that it sometimes takes a while before you can do anything at all.

But in many cases 'rocking' offers immediate relaxation, even if your baby does not have colic or stomach pain, this is a pleasant technique.


Place your hands under your baby's heels.

The knees remain slightly bent.

Rock the feet and legs up and down.

To the tempo of the song 'hat of paper'.

So 1, 2, 3, 4 hat of, hat of, 1, 2, 3, 4, hat of paper etc.

Use your voice, for example, by singing the song or talking affectionately to your baby. This way you help your baby relax.

Hold the feet loosely. This way your baby can pull his feet away if he wants to.

If your baby suffers from colic or abdominal pain, you can use this technique regularly.


Under the heels of the feet. Hold this loosely.


You can use this technique at any time because it is generally relaxing.

For example, between different massage techniques, but it is especially nice during cramps and stomach pain.

What is the effect of rocking?

Rocking relaxes your baby.

Rocking relaxes cramps and stomach aches.

Rocking helps your baby's back and bottom relax and this is very nice for them.

Because almost all babies lie in a Maxi Cosi, on a nursing pillow, changing mat or in the playpen, their back no longer receives much attention. By rocking you also provide some relaxation there.

Watch the video on how to perform the rocking technique for immediate relief from cramps and abdominal pain

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