Eyehug, an organic eye mask

By Floor Tuinstra

Eyehug, an organic eye mask

A massage or treatment is often primarily to relax, but what if this doesn't work and you or a client of yours remains awake and alert every time? What can you do to allow yourself or your client to relax and go with the flow of the massage or treatment?

With that question for a client of mine, I started looking for options. That's how I came up with a special eye mask. I bought this eye mask through someone who imported them from Australia. I immediately tried it out in practice and it worked very well. She looked relaxed during and after the massage. I even caught her starting to doze off a little. She was also very satisfied and after three sessions with the eye mask she indicated that she would like to have one for her home. I told her that I had arrived at it in a roundabout way, after which she came up with the idea of ​​making them herself; she sews a lot so that should work. Because we felt that it could be a better version by using natural biological materials, the result is impressive.


The EYEHUG is a relaxation mask that provides rest to your eyes and provides deeper relaxation that has a healing effect on your entire body. The power of the EYEHUG is to reduce tension and let go of daily worries. EYEHUG provides support when actually closing the eyes and the relaxing effect on face and body really relaxes someone.


When developing EYEHUG, attention was paid to the sensitivity of the eye. The mask is made by hand from natural materials. The part that will lie on the eyes is made of an organic soft and flexible fabric that breathes well and is good for the skin and the environment. The cheerful fabric at the top of the mask is made of 100% silk or 100% cotton. The content is a composition of organic linseed with hand-picked organic lavender from Provence.

The EYEHUG can be used for the following:

• To refresh the eyes or other part of the body (put it in the refrigerator beforehand)
• As part of a healing treatment by therapists, yoga instructors and other practitioners
• As an aid in self-meditation
• As relief from agitation, anxiety and nervousness.
• As a warming pouch (heat carefully, do not use in the microwave)
• For eyestrain while traveling (note that some countries, for example Australia, have import restrictions)


Lavender gives a powerful energy that is very much in motion. It distracts the mind from responding actively, which can create peace. Even people with psychological problems benefit from this.

Experience of a foot reflexology therapist Ank that she uses with her clients:
The eye mask provides more closure, in other words it gives an extra dimension to get to know yourself more. A client with MS who always thought about others and was busy with that during massages literally turned inward to herself through the eye mask. Another client was unable to calm down during the treatment, but was able to with the mask. I gave her an eye mask and she now uses it at home before she goes to sleep.

A pouch of love
Hilary, one of my clients, uses the eye mask daily. She calls it 'a pouch of love' because so much thought and attention has gone into it and every night when she goes to sleep she puts on the eye mask and thinks back to the treatment, which immediately relaxes her.