The beginning of spring - Li Chun

By Floor Tuinstra

The beginning of spring - Li Chun

Li Chun 立春, The Beginning of Spring

February 4, 2023 is the first of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese calendar that we start with this year. It is the beginning of spring.
Li means a constructive beginning, sometimes there is still cold wind. The Qi of spring, also known as the wood element, is knocking on the door.
The curtains of winter open again for spring. After this point we will soon see nature come back to life. We can look forward to longer days and warmth in the coming weeks. Winter is not completely over yet, it is a great time to 'thaw'.
Now is the time for healthy resolutions that will fuel us for the rest of the year. Stay warm, dress warmly, wear layers, keep warm food, support your spleen with millet or sweet potato in your meal. If you suffer from PMS, irritability or headaches, you may experience this even more strongly during this period. By continuing to exercise and, for example, doing Qigong, Yinyoga or meditation, you keep the Qi of your liver in a good flow. The liver likes to look ahead, so this is the time to make plans and set goals. and visualize which direction you want to go.
Our menstrual cycles can beautifully reflect nature and contain our own inner seasons. ⁠⁠We now move on to the follicular phase.
⁠⁠Late luteal phase + menstruation is our winter⁠⁠
Follicular phase is our spring
Ovulation is our summer⁠⁠
Luteal phase is our autumn⁠⁠