Children's reflexology: "It's a shame that you can't crawl back into your own body."

By Floor Tuinstra

Children's reflexology: "It's a shame that you can't crawl back into your own body."

Freek and Boet in the foot reflexologist's practice

Below is an excerpt from a half-hour pediatric reflexology treatment that I gave to 5-year-old Freek last Friday.

“Look, now I'm going to do the caterpillar.” I told Freek, while running my thumb over the bottom of his foot like a caterpillar.
Boet's boyfriend had come and sat there while he watched me give Freek a foot reflexology massage.
“A snail moves even slower than a caterpillar,” said Freek. Yes, Boot nodded in agreement.
“It's a shame that you can't crawl back into your own body, just like a snail or a turtle,” Freek said next. And Boet nodded in agreement.

They ask the nicest questions

Freek with a questioning face: “Are you also receiving a caterpillar treatment, Floor?”
Floor: “Yes, I sometimes use it on myself, but it is even better to get it from someone else. And I have that done regularly, I love it.”
Freek: “Whose?”
Floor: “From Karine.”
Boat: “Where is it?”
Floor: “In The Hague.”
“Oh at ADO” said Boet.
“ADO is pretty bad,” Boet shouted. “Ajax is much better than Ado, they won 6-0 against ADO. And NAC from Vitesse.”
Freek had now become a little quieter, the 'on/off button' on the base started to work.
Floor: “Boet, would you also like to experience a foot reflexology massage to feel what it is like?” Boet firmly shook his head no. He is not that cuddly and doesn't like being touched.

And then relaxation sets in

Floor: “Which massage handle do you like best, Freek? Just feel it, now I'll do the penguin.”
Freek: “I don't know, uh, uh, he looks worried and has almost forgotten what question I asked, “I really like them all.”
Floor: “I really shouldn't ask Freek questions anymore when I massage, right Boet? Because he is so relaxed now.”
Freek: “I'm still awake.”
Boet: “Why don't you live in Rotterdam, I support Feyenoord?”
Floor: “Because I live in The Hague.” Boet looks very doubtful and questions it.

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Children's reflexology, kids only today

In the meantime, Freek's mother came by, I told her to film from a distance because the conversation between the two was pure enjoyment. When they realized Mom was standing in the doorway, the conversation stopped. Moms aren't allowed to be there ;)
So Mom left again and the conversation continued. After half an hour they started playing together and it was Freek's mother's turn for a foot reflexology massage. In between, Freek comes by, he checks if his mother is still there and he doesn't leave until he has had a lot of big hugs from his mother.

The conversation with two 5-year-old boys went in all directions, and I was completely updated about all positions in football.

Children bring color and brightness into practice.

Did you know that Reflexology techniques for babies last a lifetime? :). The butterfly kiss technique is very nice to create an even stronger bond with your child, view the butterfly kiss here.