Cold dew - autumn October 8-22

By Floor Tuinstra

Cold dew - autumn October 8-22

Cold Dew
This year 2022 the period from October 8 to 22
Hán lù 寒露
The weather will be cold enough to reach the dew point but not cold enough to reach freezing.
This is the last part of late summer before real autumn sets in. The temperature becomes significantly colder, there can also be wind and both are factors that make us susceptible to viruses, especially when there is stress (because stress acts like wind). The first waves of colds and malignant intestinal infections have already made their rounds.

In the Chinese solar calendar, autumn actually starts in August – the month of the Monkey. This calendar divides each season into six phases or six sub-seasons. Each sub-season has 14 days and has a descriptive name that gives an indication of the quality of the Chi present at any given time.

Metal organs

Now it is good to strengthen the Yin of the metal element (Lungs & Large Intestine). An important function of the metal organs is protection against diseases, our resistance. Because external pathogens easily enter the body through the respiratory and digestive systems, the strength of the metal organs is so important.

Power supply

Hot and juicy food. Because the weather is starting to cool, you eat less cooling foods such as salads, water with lemon juice and raw vegetables in the fall. Longer cooking times and savory ingredients are used in the fall to nourish the body and support the immune system. Eat more soups, stews, porridge, compotes and stews because their longer cooking time makes them warming and easier to digest. And because autumn has to do with drought and wind, it is important to use moisturizing (Yin) food.


On a mental level it is now a matter of observing in the fall: which ideas have I realized, which seeds have not germinated? What no longer suits me? Autumn, the season of metal, which also represents a knife that sharply divides between important and unimportant. That's exactly what we should be doing internally, in preparation for winter.
The Lungs can continuously refresh our energy through the combination of releasing what is no longer usable and inhaling potentially new energy. This also means that it can be recognized what can be thrown away and a willingness to indeed let it go. The realization that everything in life – things, ideas, situations and people – is impermanent and transient allows you to transition effortlessly from one phase of your life to another. If you do not face this, you will continue to experience the same pain and sadness until you make room for new experiences.