Best maternity gift under 25 euros

By Floor Tuinstra

Best maternity gift under 25 euros

Original maternity gift for parents and baby

I had now received the 30th hug from our maternity visit. Since we live in a small house and don't have much space, I already knew that we couldn't put all the cuddly toys in my son's room. So after all the maternity visits were over, I was left with two boxes full of toys that I knew we had too many of. Such a waste of all the money, the materials, the waste of time buying something quickly. And as parents it was really of no use to us, let alone the fact that my son can play with so many cuddly toys at the same time.

Wouldn't you like to show up with the 80th cuddly toy, yet another onesie that is already too small because the baby was a bit bigger than expected at birth?
Are you looking for a maternity gift:

  • which benefits both parents and baby
  • for under 25 euros
  • a timeless maternity gift
  • a maternity gift that not only benefits the parents and the baby, but also older children in the family
  • and as icing on the cake, an original maternity gift?

Then you have an original and useful maternity gift in your hands with the book ' Reflexology for babies, massage away your child's ailments in 1 minute '.

Every baby enjoys a moment of relaxation and quality time with his mom or dad. In addition, almost all babies suffer from something at some point: constipation, colic, colds, a runny nose, insomnia, night terrors, hard stools, hiccups, reflux, poor burping, teething, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on.
You can do something about this in a natural and playful way with the foot reflexology massage techniques from 'Reflexology for babies'.

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