At 8 weeks she already sleeps for 8 hours straight and poops like the best

By Floor Tuinstra

At 8 weeks she already sleeps for 8 hours straight and poops like the best

Brenda, a home nurse from Belgium, took the 3-day baby and toddler reflexology course for professionals in 2019 and was so enthusiastic that she spontaneously emailed me her experience as a review. I asked her if I could also add her photos and they were kindly sent to me. Below you can read Brenda's experience after undergoing Floor's baby reflexology.

Brenda & Aster

A friend found a 3-day weekend course from Floor online. I went along without any expectations and decided to make it a beautiful weekend in The Hague with the 2 of us.
What I did not know when registering is that I would be 4 months pregnant if the course continued. And I learned so much that weekend! A nice group of Dutch ladies and Floor's fascinating, very clear explanation made this a very interesting outing!
Because it was a very nice three days, it didn't feel like learning or studying.

I still had 5 months to let all the information sink in and I did that. I revisited the material from my course when our daughter was about to be born.

I have been massaging her feet almost every day since she was born.

Before and after a vaccination I give her a baby reflexology massage.

How does Aster sleep now that you practice baby reflexology with Floor's techniques every day?

I breastfeed exclusively and apparently these children sleep through the night less quickly, but Aster already sleeps through the night, for 8 hours at a time , after 8 weeks.

And what is her bowel pattern like?

She 'poops' like the best to say it in Dutch ;-)

And above all, it is a very nice mother-daughter quality time. She loves getting a massage and I really enjoy applying it and developing myself further.
This gives me a better handle on it and who knows, maybe I'll do something with it soon?
It was already the best investment I made in 2019! Thank you for sharing all your wisdom with us dear Floor!”

Photo: Delphine Otte

I also often use it with my boyfriend, who is now also a fan ;-)

Lots of love,
Brenda & Aster :)

Have you also become enthusiastic about learning the specially named techniques that Floor has developed and making them your own or do you also want to make your baby poop like the best?
This can be done through the book Reflexology for Babies or through a 3-day course, also accessible to mothers. Then check the course offering to see if a course is taking place near you. If this is not in your area, one can perhaps be planned if there is sufficient interest.