Wonder woman doesn't wear high heels

By Floor Tuinstra

Wonder woman doesn't wear high heels

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some, like Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, wear flats.

The “Wonder Woman” star has worn almost exclusively flat or near-flat shoes to promote her record-breaking, widely acclaimed film. She has been spotted in chic Louboutins, sporty boots and 'wonderfully' in a pair of flat sandals that she wore to the Hollywood premiere of the film.
Gadot isn't the first woman to prioritize comfort on the red carpet, but her decision was several years in the making.

NEW YORK, NY: Gal Gadot in Manhattan on May 23, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

“I want to set a trend of walking the red carpet with flat shoes.” “I love wearing high heels, it's beautiful, it's sexy. But at the same time, stilettos in particular throw us off balance. We could fall at any minute. It's not good for our backs. Why do we actually do it? I can wear high heels, it's not that I can't wear them because my back hurts. But I thought 'Let's go all the way, I'm going to wear flats'. I've been waiting for this moment.”

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 23: Gal Gadot arrives at the “AOL Build” taping at BUILD Studio on May 23, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

There are many health risks associated with wearing high heels. To name a few, heels can cause corns, heel spurs and back problems.

So a high five to Gadot for wearing flats.

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