Naturally induce labor with acupressure and foot reflexology

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How can I start my labor earlier? How can I avoid an introduction?

How can I reduce my fear of childbirth?

The first book about how you or your partner can give the birth a natural push with you is out:

A guide with tools for expectant mothers, their partners or caregivers and professional practitioners to induce labor naturally using the NIBY'S® method.

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Naturally induce labor with acupressure and foot reflexology

You are due but your baby just won't come? The induction of labor has already been planned, but would you prefer to have a natural birth? Are you excited to give birth? What can you do naturally to induce labor besides eating dates, having sex and drinking raspberry leaf tea?

In her latest book, Floor Tuinstra shows that it is possible to give the birth a natural push. She developed the NIBY'S® method to provide expectant mothers with tools so that they can take control of their own childbirth.
This method can also be used by the expectant mother's partner or by therapists.
The NIBY'S® method uniquely combines techniques from acupressure and foot reflexology. With easy to remember names. The descent helps, among other things, to initiate descent and promote contractions.
Open sesame stimulates dilation and the energy booster gives the expectant mother and baby a vitalizing boost during the final stages.

Consider the following results that you can address through a NIBY'S® treatment:

  • A feeling of relaxation after the treatment, both mentally and physically.
  • Accelerated onset of labor.
  • Introduction has been avoided
  • Significant reduction in the duration of labor
  • The opening begins
  • The mucus plug comes loose
  • Start of hard bellies or contractions, or increase thereof
  • Pain reduction during contractions
  • More control over giving birth
  • An overall feeling of calm
  • Greater sense of satisfaction with the birth experience
  • Improved blood circulation throughout the body and especially in the pelvic area, women often feel more mobile and lighter after a treatment
  • Improved urge to defecate
  • Better quality of sleep after treatment
  • Often provides relief from aches, itching and other discomfort
  • Facilitating the baby to get into the optimal position so that when he or she decides to come, he or she can do so much more efficiently
  • Fewer stitches or minimal stitches due to improved blood circulation in the area of ​​the vagina, perineum and anus
  • And not entirely unimportant: less stress prior to childbirth
  • In the book you will also find a 10-minute NIBY'S® treatment and DIY tips for the expectant mother.
  • And what to do if your waters have broken, but the contractions do not start. Many mothers also share their experience with a NIBY'S® treatment.

Floor Tuinstra (1981) is the first baby reflexologist in the Netherlands. She has had a practice for foot reflexology in The Hague and Bussum since 2012 and is a teacher of foot reflexology, do-in and qi gong.

She also published Reflexology for Babies – Massage away your baby's ailments in 1 minute .

More information about the book
ISBN: 9789082944914
First printing: 2023
Number of pages: 88
Dimensions: 17 cm x 24 cm x 1.5 cm

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