Press release: Induce labor naturally

By Floor Tuinstra

Press release: Induce labor naturally

Induce your own labor with acupressure and foot reflexology

Give birth naturally thanks to the NIBY'S® method

The Hague, 07-02-2023 – On average, 33 percent of women are induced during the birth of their first child. While most women prefer that labor start naturally. This can now be initiated yourself using simple massage techniques from acupressure and foot reflexology, which expectant mothers, partners and therapists can use at home. This is a first in the Netherlands. Floor Tuinstra, the first baby reflexologist in the Netherlands, developed the NIBY'S® method with which expectant mothers can take control of their childbirth. She describes how to do this in her book 'naturally inducing labor'.

Induce labor

Of Dutch women who give birth to their first full-term child, 33 percent are induced. After an induction, most women give birth within three days. Besides the fact that an induction is a medical procedure, it can also have disadvantages for the delivery. That is why most women want to give birth naturally. But unfortunately the baby sometimes takes a long time to arrive. The fact that you can prevent an initiation yourself using simple massage techniques from acupressure and foot reflexology is new in the Netherlands. This could prevent a lot of medical interventions.

Floor Tuinstra: “I am so happy that I can help even more mothers in this way. In my practice I often visit pregnant women who are at their wits' end, there is a planned induction on the agenda but there is no sign of a natural birth yet. Waters that have broken but no contractions yet. Afterwards I receive photos of peacefully sleeping babies who came naturally without induction. I am relieved about that and so is the mother.”

Self-help book for parents

To give all expectant parents in the Netherlands a helping hand, Tuinstra has written a book in which she shares her techniques and years of experience. With Naturally inducing labor with acupressure and foot reflexology – According to the NIBY'S® method on the couch, mothers, partners and therapists can apply the methods themselves. The result? An accelerated start of labor, avoided induction and a relaxed mother, both mentally and physically.

NIBY'S® method

The NIBY'S® method stands for Naturally Induced Babies. Floor Tuinstra developed this method when she discovered that 95% of her pregnant clientele aim to induce labor. Tuinstra combines positive affirmations with massage techniques from acupressure and foot reflexology.

A number of examples from the book are 'The descent', to further initiate the descent and promote contractions. 'Open sesame' stimulates dilation and 'The energy booster' provides vitalizing power to the expectant mother and baby during the final stages. The techniques are clarified through illustrations. This method can also be applied by the partner or therapists.

NIBY'S® treatment results:

Relaxation, both mentally and physically.
Accelerated start of labor.
An avoided introduction.
Significant reduction in the duration of labor.
Start of the opening.

Floor Tuinstra: “All you need to induce labor yourself are your hands and loving attention.”

About the author
Floor Tuinstra (1981) was the first baby reflexologist in the Netherlands to introduce baby reflexology in our country. She has been teaching since 2012 and has a practice for foot reflexology in The Hague and Bussum. She also published Reflexology for babies, massage away your child's ailments in 1 minute .

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