She's here! How can you induce labor naturally?

By Floor Tuinstra

She's here! How can you induce labor naturally?

What can you do to induce labor naturally if dates, raspberry leaf tea and sex don't work?

A massage on specific points on your body can provide a solution. In the book 'Induce labor naturally with acupressure and foot reflexology' I explain to you how you, as an expectant mother or the mother's partner, can apply these points. It is a great reference for therapists, midwives, doulas and maternity caregivers to help their clients further.

Many people have already made a pre-order in the past month. I just received the book myself. I felt like a little child who knows her birthday is the next day. How wonderful to have a copy in your own hands. So that I can open it myself if I want to know a little more about how a certain point works. I would like to thank everyone who has already placed an order. This weekend I will be preparing the orders so that I can send as many as possible early next week. Those who ordered first will be served first.

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